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THUNDER ROADS® TENNESSEE is proud to present the 2nd Annual 2017 Tennessee Thunder Run Ride n’ Win Contest!  It’s a state-wide, season long (May – September) riding challenge hitting great destinations and events across the great state of Tennessee. 


The 2017 Tennessee Thunder Run Presented by Garza Law Firm


It’s a riding contest unlike any you have ever seen, and features great prizes every month with grand prizes given away in October!  The ride card program is FREE to anyone who rides, rides on the back or rides in a sidecar. 

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1. Go to any Registration Stop listed on the map with a red star or on the Stops pages.  The information that you provide when you sign-up for your FREE Ride Card only goes to us and will NOT be used for any other purpose than this contest, but may be shared with the business you get your card from.  You will not have to provide any other personal information again after this.  You will be handed your FREE Ride Card right then.  It has a unique number on it- take note because that is YOURS and ONLY YOURS.  Once you get your card, you do not need to register again.  The Ride Cards do NOT expire so hold on to it.  THIS WILL BE A YEARLY CONTEST, so you’ll need it next season too! 


2. Once you have your Ride Card go to any or all of the stops listed this month and show them your card!  Registration Stops are also Ride Stops.  That stop will write your unique Ride Card number down.  Let them know if you spend over $10 there because your Ride Card number will get counted twice!


3. Check the following months issue to see if your Ride Card number is listed as a winner.  You must check this each month as Thunder Roads® staff will not contact you and let you know you won.  If your Ride Card number is listed as a winner, email to claim your prize.  In the email please provide your name, address, phone number and Ride Card number.  Again, the information only goes to us at Thunder Roads®.  Please note:  You only have 45 days to claim your prize from the 1st month it is listed in the magazine. 


We will be adding more Registration/Ride Stops and Ride Stops across the State every month, so make sure to pick-up your copy each month of Thunder Roads® Tennessee to see that month’s Ride Stops and also to see if your Ride Card is listed as a winner! 




● Winners are randomly picked from each Registration/Ride Stop and Ride Stop.


● The more places you check-in the greater your chances are of winning a prize from that stop or one of our sponsors prizes!


● If you spend $10 or more at any of the Registration/Ride Stops or Ride Stops your Ride Card number gets counted twice!  Please note:  The reason why this contest is FREE to you, the rider, is because of our sponsors and stops.  So we want to encourage everyone to support them in return.  That is why we count your Ride Card number twice if you spend $10 or more.


● You can check-in 1 time each week at each Registration/Ride Stop & Ride Stop. 


● Riders are able to win multiple prizes - based upon the drawing of their check-in.


● Some prize drawings are specific to only check-ins for the particular month - while others prizes are drawn from check-in’s season long.


● ALL CHECK-INS remain in the system for end of the season prizes!


It’s Really That Simple!


1. Get your Tennessee Ride Card.


2. Get the list of Stops each month from your Thunder Roads® Tennessee Magazine, our website, or Facebook page.


3. Ride out to these Stops and show them your card.


4. And then you win cool prizes, including cold hard CASH!


Thunder Roads® Tennessee will also be registering riders for Ride Cards at specific events throughout the year as we distribute magazines.  Key events, such as Bike Nights may have special booth for Ride Card registrations. We will list these events each month on the Event Stops page in the magazine.  In most cases, we will be offering special incentives to those checking in with their previously issued Ride Card at these stops.


Thunder Roads® Tennessee will also be working with charities and various nonprofit events to include them in the Run schedule as well. This will be an easy means of encouraging participation and attracting riders from outside the local communities.  In many cases, we will have specific prize drawings for those at these events.


The Ride Cards will allow participants to easily and safely check in at all Stops.  Some Thunder Roads® Tennessee Sponsors will also be offering discounts to readers that present the cards.  Thunder Roads® will be listing special discounts and offers in the magazine throughout the year as an added value to readers and means of encouraging our partners to offer these extra savings.  


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have received your TENNESSEE RIDE CARD, you will not be asked to provide personal information or emails at any location for check-in.  You simply enter your ride card number!  This is not simply a “Chinese Fire Drill” or mad-dash across the state.  This is a Ride program.  It is meant to be a means for readers to discover new riding destinations and enjoy the ride there.  In fact, we have designed the program to encourage folks to break out of their local routes and trek to the furthest corners of the state.

Just Get Out and RIDE!

We want to keep things exciting for you – the readers and riders on the run.  We’re bikers and it’s all about the ride.  We want to help create fun experiences for you and share some cool spots in our state.  We have designed this run to entertain and challenge our readers – as well as promote our partners.  If your business would like to be a Stop or be a Sponsor, please email us at



As we mentioned, this is a dynamic event – intended to be tweaked and developed over time.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns – please don’t hesitate to let us know.  You can email us at


Some stops get many check-in’s and some stops only get a couple of people that check-in each month which means you have an excellent chance of winning!  Some stops didn’t have any check-in’s… prizes that could have been yours!  So, don’t just go to your favorite Ride Stops, but also try some places that you haven’t been to.  Get out and RIDE, check-in to as many stops as you can and HAVE FUN!    

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