Hello Thunder Roads Tennessee Readers! I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of hearing about all the COVID-19 crap, so let’s talk about the weather, shall we? Back in the winter I recall asking around about how cold was too cold to ride. Well, now it's Hades-hot here, hitting near 100 degrees today so I don’t think I’ll be on the bike until it cools off 10-15 degrees.


So my question is, how HOT does it have to be outside for you to hang up the boots and ride another day?


Scott doesn’t care, he’ll ride as long as there isn’t ice or snow on the roads, but for the record, as if anyone cared about my .02 cents, but I'll share anyway… I'll ride down in the 50's in winter properly geared up, but in the summer when we get near 90 around here, I've reached my personal comfort limit. It's not just the heat that gets me, it’s the miserable humid buggy oppressive heat that makes me pray for death when stuck at a long red light in the sun. I might lose the ATGATT in summertime enough to shed my jacket, but long pants, boots, helmet and gloves are a daily necessity. I won't do the shorts n' flip-flops riding thing. I have found that whatever the air temperature is, subtract 10-15 degrees and that’s what it will feel like on the bike, that’s what you should dress for. 


In these high-heat conditions it’s important to keep cool properly while riding. Remember to hydrate, keep your skin covered, and avoid hazards. Don’t let the heat weaken you to the point where you’re not fully attentive to traffic conditions and the road. Basically, you must consider how your body will deal with the heat. Reducing the effects of convection, through covering up and wetting down, will reduce the amount of heat that your body must deal with through evaporation. Covering up in the heat will keep you cool. Hot weather usually means lots of sun exposure, so get some good sunglasses or a darkened visor to prevent headaches caused by sun glare. And don’t forget to put sunblock on the back of your neck where your riding gear leaves the skin exposed.


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If you can take the heat, get out and ride… Stay cool and keep the rubber side down!

Ride Hard Live Free,

Denise & Scott

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