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Happy Spring!  It’s that time… time to get out and head to your favorite bike night, attend events and rally’s or just get out and RIDE!  You can certainly tell that Spring has arrived from looking at the event listings, there’s no shortage of events to attend! Whether you’re looking for something to do today, this weekend, or in the coming months. Take a look at our event pages to find the best things happening in Tennessee year-round.


Like every spring, cage drivers have been out on the roads driving around all winter without a lot of motorcycles with them so they have gotten out of the habit of seeing us. We’ve been out of sight, out of mind so to speak, so as we get out and start riding we need to pay attention. Keep your head on a swivel, play the “what if” game constantly and all of the things we do to stay safe but it seems we have to pay even more attention in the Spring.


Just a friendly reminder, if you haven’t been riding much over the winter, our skills may have gotten a little rusty. Maybe go in to turns a little slower at first, brake a little sooner, accelerate a little more slowly and ease back into riding like you were last fall. I know Scott goes to a church parking lot at least twice a month year around to practice low speed and panic maneuvers. Also, don’t forget it’s a great time to give your bike that may have been sitting all winter a good going over. Check the tire pressure and condition, look for cracks that may have developed, check fluids, charge batteries if they haven’t been on a tender, and change your FOB battery if your bike has one so you don’t get stuck putting in your code every time you start it. Sometimes we may take our bikes condition for granted and think it’s good because “it was when I parked it.” But sitting is one of the hardest things for most machines including motorcycles. So on these cool mornings, maybe let it warm up a little longer if it’s chilly.


One other friendly reminder, Spring usually means unpredictable weather, the forecasters do their best but the day I’m typing this it was supposed to be partly cloudy with a 15% chance of rain and it has drizzled most of the day. Be prepared for as many different weather conditions as you can in Spring. It’s a little harder on a cruiser than a bagger but it’s easier to get creative than to ride miserable because the weather changed.


Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter. Be safe on the roads this riding season and we’ll see ya soon!

Ride Hard Live Free,

Denise & Scott

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