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Tennessee and Kentucky's Motorcycle Magazine

Our Advertising Lasts For 30 Days, Not 30 Seconds

Thunder Roads® Magazine started as a black and white newsprint magazine in Tennessee in March of 1999.  Today, Thunder Roads® is a network of 9 state-wide free magazines, distributed in 11 states through motorcycle dealerships, independent motorcycle shops, parts stores, leather shops, tattoo shops, bars, restaurants, rallies, motorcycle events, and anywhere motorcycle riders frequent. We are not only a print magazine, but online as well. We reach thousands of potential customers through our virtual magazine and our website. Ads on our website and our virtual magazine are at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. It’s just another example of how Thunder Roads® Tennessee/Kentucky goes the extra mile to help you and your business prosper.


Thunder Roads® Magazine’s growth has multiplied during a time when most advertising and publishing companies were struggling. Why? Because our readers love our local coverage, and state-wide information. Our readers hold onto these magazines and read them cover to cover. That means businesses that advertise with us can target their best prospects, and ensure their messages have a long shelf life. With such efficiency, niche publications are the future of printed media, and our readers frequent our advertisers on a regular basis. Best of all, we love what we do. Thunder Roads® Magazines are Owned, Written, and Published by Bikers for Bikers.


Advertising with radio, television, or general print is a scattershot. Few of the people the ad reaches will be your target audience. Advertising with a dedicated motorcycle magazine is target-audience specific. Almost every person reading the magazine is a potential customer. There are other motorcycle magazines out there. So what separates Thunder Roads® from the rest? We were first, we’re the best, and we’re local. If your customers live and work locally, we distribute as many magazines in Tennessee and Kentucky as others do regionally. We currently publish up to 18,000 magazines per month. Thunder Roads® Tennessee/Kentucky also supports our advertisers by attending events and on social media. 


Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival and Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest advertised their events in Thunder Roads® Tennessee/Kentucky because they understood that people who would come to their events read our magazine. In 2021 TMMR had their largest event since its inception. Smoky Mountain Thunder, a Memorial Day awareness ride, advertises exclusively with us and in 2015, attendance went from 3,200 the previous year to over 4,000 and in 2021 they beat that record. They reserve their space in the magazine every year, and they tell us they have no reason to advertise anywhere else. The Tennessee State HOG (Harley Owners Group) Rally advertised with us exclusively in 2015 and 2018. In 2015 pre-registered attendance was up over 10% from the previous years, and in 2018 it was the largest HOG rally ever.  Advertising in Thunder Roads® Tennessee/Kentucky works, it’s cost effective, and we love supporting our advertisers.


ALL pages in our magazine are full color and high gloss! As an advertiser in our magazine, you will receive copies of our magazine each month. Your events will be listed in our magazine, on our website, and Facebook page, and you will be listed on our Biker Friendly Directory at no additional cost. Also, your ad will appear on the home page of our website with a live link that goes directly to your website or Facebook page. Check us out and let us know if we can help you with your advertising needs today. 


To submit an ad or for information, please email 

or call 865-381-3707

AWARDS: 2017 Recipient of the NCOM (National Coalition of Motorcyclists) Silver Spoke Award for Media

2016 Recipient of the Thunder Roads® National Network Publisher of the Year Award


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